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Sunday, November 22, 2009

New colors from the dye pots

I got so busy at the looms I failed to update you on all the recent colors from the dye pots. It has been a productive time spinning and dyeing all the beautiful Cotswold wool and the colors have been outstanding. Pictures to follow show a rich brown from pecan husks, light browns from oak galls and many shades of red and mahogany from eucalyptus leaves and stringy bark. I recently completed a blanket for Marilyn Golden in Centennial, Co. using all those colors. I also finished a blanket for Emily Kitching using natural tans and browns accented with orange derived from marigold flowers. This a favorite time of year at the dye pots so I have many more colors "brewing." Walnuts, fruit tree leaves, dried tomato vines...the possibilities are endless and the colors from nature never clash so it's great fun trying new combinations. Check out the photos.